Slip On In

Slip On In

by Sara Whatley

For Sara Whatley there is never a bad time to don a slipper – a cure all and comfort blanket, slippers bring her year-round joy.

For me, there is no slipper season. In fact, it’s permanently slipper season. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, they always find a place in my heart… and on my feet. You may have guessed, I am a big slipper fan.

As soon as I’m through the door I kick o the shoes, slip on the slippers and feel myself instantly relax. They are a hug for the feet, a signifier that you’re home and safe and of course, they help to prolong the vacuuming duties!

Of course, I presume that the rest of human kind is equally in love with slippers as I am, but if for some strange reason there are still a few who need converting let me wow you with the immense array of slipper choice there is to behold.

Backless Slippers & Flip Flops

  • I think of these as more of a warm weather slipper or something easy to travel with. Rollable or able to pack very at, this type of footwear can go with you everywhere!

Fluffy Mules

  • Saucy, fun and frisky, these little numbers are not the most practical slippers but spice up special occasions no end. To my mind should definitely be adorned with diamante sparkles.

Moccasins & Leather Slippers

  • Timeless, classic and hard wearing. The leather wears beautifully with age and the sheep skin moulds to the shape of your feet – heavenly. My main slipper of choice.

The Slipper Boot

  • Best reserved for the colder months of the year. Slipper boots can be anything from knitted with a thin sole to a full-on fur lined indoor boot which could be lightly worn outside.

Evening Slippers

  • For the ultimate in sophistication. Must be monogrammed and preferably in either animal print or velvet with a small clip-cloppy heal. Perhaps more fashion statement than comfort.

Practical Indoor Shoes

  • For the sensible multi-tasker. Are you always popping in and out the house? Then this is the slipper for you! A soft and cosy top with a sturdy waterproof sole. Why ever take them off?