Southern Water Helps Customers, Whatever The Weather

Southern Water Helps Customers, Whatever The Weather

by Clare Rixon, Operational Resilience and Response Manager at Southern Water

We know significant weather events, such as heavy rain, flooding and extreme temperatures can disrupt water and wastewater services, causing a huge disruption to people’s lives and livelihoods.

That’s why we’ve launched a brand new awareness campaign, called Weather Eye, to help our customers to prepare for extreme weather and explain how we can help in the event of an emergency.

We are working closely with Local Resilience Forums, including representatives from councils and emergency services to ensure that, should the worst happen, we are as prepared as possible.

While we are working round the clock to find and fix leaks and improve our emergency response, there are also simple steps customers can take to protect their home during the cold weather.

Lagging exposed pipes in your loft, as well as your external pipes, can help prevent bursts and flooding in your home but – should the worst happen – make sure you know where your internal stop tap is, so you can turn the water off as soon as possible.

You should also try and fix any dripping taps, as even a small trickle could result in a frozen pipe.

If you do suffer a burst pipe during cold weather, please contact Southern Water and keep an eye on our website for information on the repair and how long it may take to restore supplies, as well as locations for any bottled water drop off points.

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