Stitch In Time... 80's Make Up

Stitch In Time… 80’s Make Up

by Amy Newson

Brighten your day this spring by reviving your favourite 80’s makeup looks and adding a pop of colour to your eyes, lips or cheeks.

The 80’s went down in history as the era where ‘anything goes’. Bright, heavy makeup, big hair and power dressing – it was all happening then. These trends were so striking because in the decades before, women’s fashion was more neutral and less standout. But thanks to the media, magazines and films, trends and styles started to spread all over the world, meaning that this bright, colourful and powerful movement went global. Makeup trends spread like wildfire and soon everyone was wearing a mish-mash of bright red or pink blush, red lipstick with heavy purple and steel blue eyeshadow, framed by heavily mascaraed eyes – which also came in blues and plums too.

This season makeup is paying homage to the 80s, but perhaps not in such a ‘heavy’ manner. Electric red and pink blush across cheekbones and temples, bright ‘look at me’ eyelids and vivid lipsticks are what to wear – but not all at once. Instead, just one of these is applied, depending on the occasion the look is for. For a pop of colour, a lick of blue mascara does wonders, but for a night out, lavishly decorated cheeks throw back to the famous 80’s rave culture.

And a definite way to get noticed is by applying a metallic shadow around the entire eye area – any of these makeup looks matched with a tiered sleeved power dress result in the ultimate 80’s look.