Stylish Winter Warmth With Bolney Stoves

Stylish Winter Warmth With Bolney Stoves

by Roger Linn

Save on bills and bring stylish design into your home with Bolney Stoves. With their impeccable service and installation, the hardest part is choosing.

Paul Labus founded Bolney Stoves Ltd 27 years ago because he thought wood-burning stoves were beautiful, practical and, if he’s being perfectly honest, he’ll tell you that he just loved the idea of them. Now he is the owner of a highly successful business, selling and installing a vast range of wood, multi-fuel and gas stoves. He is an acknowledged expert in all things stove-related.

When I interviewed Paul, I had to confess that having purchased a wood-burning stove from him 15 years ago, I had become completely converted to the idea. It looks good, the burning logs smell great and, best of all, it is so warm that I can turn off my central heating.

Bolney StovesBolney Stoves acts as a main dealer for most of the top manufacturers, with the market leading Scandanavian Jøtul and Morsø brands, both of whom have been making stoves for around 160 years, prominently featured amongst others in the showrooms in Goddards Green. There, you’ll be amazed at the variety and range of environmentally friendly stoves on offer, from small, traditional cast-iron wood-burners, to very large free-standing stoves of great elegance.

There are colour choices, timeless designs and outdoor ovens that seem to owe something to the space programme. In fact, there appears to be a stove for every purpose, setting and budget. The real problem is: how do you choose? Paul laughed and replied: “We’re passionate about ensuring that the customer gets the right product, so I ask them lots of questions, including how do they want to use the stove, what are they going to burn, is it going to be about lifestyle or is it purely as a heat source, do they want it to burn 24/7 throughout the winter, how big is the available space? If we’re going to offer the best advice, then we really need to know this stuff.”

Having obtained all the information required to narrow the choice down, one of Paul’s team will survey the site to ensure that technically the product is the right one for the job. “This is really important,” Paul stressed. “In fact, we’ve looked at every single job we’ve ever done.”

After the site visit, the customer receives a quote for the stove and its installation. Stoves can be delivered on a ‘supply only’ basis, but if Bolney Stoves carries out the installing work, their work is of course guaranteed.

The company provides full back-up and after sales support and it’s easy to see why Paul is so proud of his company’s hard-won reputation for customer service.


Address: The Farmers Stores, Gatehouse Lane, Goddards Green, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 9LE

Tel: 01444 871815