Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity

by Sue Edgson

As well as helping your community, volunteering can boost your confidence, help you make new friends and teach you new skills.

For the last two years Horsham and Mid Sussex Voluntary Action (HAMSVA) has been helping boost local charities by providing free advice, information and support they need to grow and thrive. This includes:

  • Training that is reasonably priced and tailor made to meet their needs
  • Opportunities for charities to meet together, share ideas and good practice
  • Help with finding funding
  • Advice about setting up and growing a charity
  • Ensuring that the views of local charities and community groups are heard by key decision makers
  • Matching volunteers with charities who need their time and skills

The good news is that volunteering in the Horsham and Mid Sussex districts has just got a lot easier. HAMSVA now has a volunteering web page, which puts you in control of searching for local volunteering opportunities. There is a wide range of opportunities available, including donkey walking, radio presenting, visiting an older person, mentoring a young person, helping to fundraise, cooking and serving meals, and helping at a sports club. Whatever your interest there is a volunteering opportunity for you.

Just visit our website www.hamsva.org.uk/opportunities pop in your postcode and details of your interests, skills and availability and you’ll see all available local opportunities.

Vicky Burstow is a volunteer who did just that. Having been at home, raising her family, Vicky wanted to volunteer to boost her confidence. She was interested in developing her admin skills and began helping out in the HAMSVA office. She also attended a networking event where she met Regina Choudhury, Community Development Officer with Mid Sussex District Council. Regina was keen to run some English language courses and asked Vicky to help as she is a trained ESOL teacher.

“I felt unsure of what to do work-wise and had lost confidence that I could offer anything in the workplace, having been mostly at home raising my children for several years. Volunteering was a good opportunity to do something I was interested in and that would benefit others but without the pressure of a paid role. It was also a great way of building my self esteem and reminding myself that I have skills to offer, it was the stepping stone I needed to get me back into paid work.”

Sue Edgson, HAMSVA Manager, says: “At HAMSVA we are passionate about supporting the work of local charities. One of the best ways of doing this is by volunteering, which is why we are so excited about our new web page. Volunteering has so much to offer. As well as helping your community, it can boost your confidence, help you make new friends and show you skills that you didn’t think you had. If you have a few spare hours, we can help you put them to good use.”

If you are a charity looking for volunteers, needing some help with looking for funding or some tips on how to grow, contact HAMSVA and we will do our best to help. You can visit the HAMSVA website: www.hamsva.org.uk or drop us an email to enquiries@hamsva.org.uk You can also call us on 01444 258102.