My Sweet Valentine

My Sweet Valentine

Want to relive a special moment or re-spark your romance? Send us your Valentines stories and you might see them in print!

No one can resist a good love story. How did you meet? Where did you go? And most importantly, did you kiss? Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so let’s celebrate it together. Now is your chance to share your tales of love with the whole of Mid Sussex.

Send us your Valentines stories and you could see them in print in our February 2016 issue. Just send us 200 words or less by 31st December 2015.

Valentine’s Day started with early Christian saints named Valentinus and became a day of celebration with the feast of Saint Valentine’s Day. The meaning of the day changed in theMiddle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Presents, flowers, chocolates and greetings cards, known as Valentines, were all used as tokens to express love. This tradition has held strong and is still how we celebrate Valentine’s Day today, along with special meals in restaurants, hearts, balloons, winged Cupids and doves.

So how do you celebrate yours? Do you have a special (or funny!) Valentines story? Please share it with us and warm the hearts of Mid Sussex.

Terms and Conditions

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Choosing which stories are printed is at the discretion of Sussex Living Magazine and we are under no obligation to print stories online or in the magazine which we do not feel are suitable. All entries must be received by midnight on Thursday 31st December 2015. Entrants will be informed before their story is printed. Entrants must be 18 or over, or have written parental permission.