The Full English

The Full English

by Robert Veitch

Americans may soon be celebrating National Greasy Foods Day, but in England we have something much better to celebrate.

Across the pond, our transatlantic cousins in the USA will be celebrating ‘National Greasy Foods Day’ on October 25th. Only in America you are thinking, well of course you are correct. Back in Blighty the closest thing we might have to greasy food might be the dodgy roadside cafés of yesteryear. The kind of place where human hair lay in wait amongst baked beans, tea was finished with coffee whitener and the waft of Players No.6 left a fug of smoke so thick the ceiling was invisible.

From those greasy plates of yesteryear one staple remains tattooed in the memory, the Full English Breakfast. This great institution has survived the rise and fall of governments, Royal scandal, and every US President… so far. Popularised by the Victorians, it helped build an Empire and variations of it remain on menus around the world to this day.

The Full English was derided for many years, ‘it has too much fat’ they said. But fat is energy, just like sugar and carbohydrates. Our bodies need them all, in balance, just not in overdose. Think about it, there’s protein in the egg, sausage and bacon. There are carbohydrates in the hash browns, beans and toast. There are vitamins in the tomato and mushrooms. You’ll get iron from black pudding and even a little sugar from tomato or brown sauce.

It tastes even better when someone else cooks it too. This makes it a joy to live in Sussex with so many top quality cafés and pubs serving a Full English Breakfast; from early morning right up to lunchtime and beyond. Feeling hungry? I am!