It's Time To Love Your Lawn Say Green Thumb

It’s Time To Love Your Lawn Say Green Thumb

With spring soon upon us, we look forward to warmer days with our much-loved gardens thriving in full bloom. But what about your lawn? Like most plants in your garden, your grass needs some love and attention now to help reach its full potential. Here are some simple tips to kick start your lawn


Over the winter, your lawn has gone into dormancy. Now with the weather improving, it will need a spring feed to help stimulate it back to life. Our slow release fertiliser contains the perfect blend of nutrients for healthy growth and a vibrant colour.

Managing Moss

This year has been wet so you may notice more moss than usual.

  • Scarify to remove the build-up of moss and thatch (the matted layer found between the soil and the grass leaf). This acts as a damp sponge which moss thrives on it.
  • Applying a specially designed feed will support the grass and help suppress any lingering moss spores.
  • Aerate to reduce soil compaction – a contributor to moss. Aeration allows for greater movement of air, water and nutrients around the root zone (healthy roots makes for a healthy lawn).
  • Cut back trees and shrubs to let more sunlight in and improve air flow to the lawn.
  • Mow at the right height – a scalped lawn makes it easy for moss to invade so raise the height of your cut.

Weeds Begone!

The best defence against weeds is a thick, healthy sward. So, good mowing and keep the lawn no lower than 25mm (1”) – lawns cut too short or irregularly weakens the grass and allows space for weeds to take over. At Green- Thumb, we use the finest products and the safest application methods to get the weeds under control and help keep new weed growth at bay.


Correct mowing makes a huge difference to the health and look of the lawn. Use sharp blades and aim to take off no more than a quarter of the total height in one cut. For the first cut of the new season, set your mower blades high (approx. 30–40mm) until after any late frosts. During the growing season, mow weekly no lower than 25mm (1”), increasing the height of the cut to 50mm (2”) before dry spells.

Is My Lawn Beyond Repair?

Lawns are usually looking their worst in late-winter and early-spring, but don’t be disheartened! Before you write off your lawn as a lost cause, give GreenThumb a call. We will come to assess your lawn free of charge and advise you accordingly. If we think it’s beyond recovery by our seasonal treatments, we have another solution!

We offer a Lawn Makeover providing you with the ‘Ultimate Lawn’ acting as the centrepiece to your beautiful GreenThumb Garden.

How Do I Start My GreenThumb Journey?

It’s easy! Call your local branch on 01273 020720 or email us at and book your free lawn analysis and quote.

Using GreenThumb is cheaper than you may think and is often much less than the cost and time of buying DIY-store products and attempting it yourself. Prices start from £15 per treatment (based on a 40m2 lawn).