Top Secret... Lingerie

Top Secret… Lingerie

A little seen but vitally important part of our everyday wear, lingerie plays a supporting role in all of our lives. Sara Whatley looks at some trends to embrace this season.

From jumping out of the shower in the morning to slipping into your pyjamas at night there is one thing that most of us wear throughout the day – underwear. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials nowadays, from the barely there, to the suck it all in, to the functional and supportive sports varieties. Anything goes!

Like all other fashions, underwear goes in and out of trend, with the current movement heading towards comfort and seamless styles over fussy and uncomfortable ones. This softer styling is more inclusive and is specifically tailored to compliment all varying body shapes and sizes. Nude colour palettes are prevalent in this simple styling giving the impression of ‘nude’ underwear.

Of course it’s fun to play with all sorts of different lingerie styles, and with the recent trend of underwear as outwear it’s hard to ignore it. The infamous slip dresses and tops of the 90’s have made a comeback and now it’s quite OK to flash a peek of lace or a pretty bra strap. Sheer tops are a great way to show off special undergarments if you want to go for a daring look, and in fact sheer underwear is popular now too. The question is can you go double sheer or is that one daring step too far? I’ll leave that up to you. Velvet has made a resurgence recently not only in our wardrobes but into our homes as well, so it comes as no surprise that it is now slipping into our underwear drawers too. Tactile and luxurious, velvet and velour bras and pants feel great against your skin and look elegant and just a little bit naughty.

You may have noticed your smalls aren’t so small anymore; more coverage is a key trend in the coming seasons – perfect for warm bottoms! Full briefs, boy shorts and French knickers (great zero VPL by the way) are not only super comfortable but work well with high waisted jeans and trousers as well.

Since the push up bras of the 90’s took the world by storm with a certain ‘Hello Boys’ campaign, underwires, padding, plunging, push ups and balconette bras have remained the go to styles for many, but things are a changing… Soft cup and bralette styles are becoming more and more popular, in keeping with the comfort and seamless underwear fashion.

Go daring, go comfortable, go sexy – whatever you do enjoy your lingerie.