Trusted Advice From Tisshaws

Trusted Advice From Tisshaws

by Lisa De Silva

Anyone who has been through separation or divorce will know it can be an incredibly difficult time. The compassionate team at Tisshaws handle your case with sensitivity and care.

Whilst family life can be a source of huge strength and comfort, when things go wrong such as divorce or separation, it can be both painful and upsetting. It is therefore vital that any decisions made about the future are based on a clear understanding of the implications for nances, property and children.

To help those in this position, specialist family law firm, Tisshaws, offer a confidential one hour consultation for potential clients to discuss their situation.

“It’s important that people go into divorce with their eyes open,” explains Director, Gilva Tisshaw. “We offer an initial meeting to discuss the grounds for divorce, financial matters and issues relating to children. This helps people to understand what is involved and what to expect, allowing them to make informed decisions about the future based on professional legal advice which is personal to their specific circumstances.”

At a cost of £50 (including VAT), this initial meeting can help to restore confidence in planning the way forward, whilst also giving people the chance to decide if they are happy and comfortable to work with Tisshaws. Most people choose to appoint the firm, appreciating the combination of empathy, compassion and legal expertise, that Tisshaws are famous for.

Working with a solicitor from the start ensures financial protection, both now and in the future and may help to avoid selling the family home or one party agreeing to something that is not in their, or the children’s, best interests. What’s more, the team work hard to ensure that communication between both parties is kept as amicable as possible when reaching agreements on finances, property and children, and try to avoid the intervention of the courts.

This approach can not only minimise the heartache, but also makes the process more cost effective. Tisshaws offer a fixed fee for uncontested divorces of £1,090 (inclusive of Court Fees and VAT). The costs of dealing with financial or children matters will be separate to this. In fact, while it is now possible to organise a DIY divorce with the introduction of a more accessible online Divorce Petition, there are many reasons why using a specialist solicitor can work out less expensive and stressful than trying to go it alone.

“We see many people who have started the divorce process themselves, but have underestimated the complexity and difficulty of the process without legal expertise,” says Gilva. “More worryingly, this route can lead to defended proceedings because the other party is upset at what has been said about them. It heightens the tension, which can then lead to increased costs, time and conflict.”

The team of five, which along with Gilva, includes Craig, Hana, Verity and Lidia, are all committed to supporting you throughout this difficult process, to secure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

So, if you need a family solicitor, do contact the team at Tisshaws.


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