View From The Downs - July 2015

View From The Downs – July 2015

by Roger Linn

There are days, even in summer, when the view from the Downs is not all it might be, especially when the south-westerly wind brings us warm rain from the south Atlantic.


A Summer Rain

The massive yew tree greenly heaves

Against the westering rain.

Swifts are huddled in household eaves,

The sky’s a darkening stain.


The river rises hour by hour

Along the leaning bank.

Cloudheads climb in muddled towers

Driving rank on rank.


The cricket’s off, no play today,

Sandwiches stiffly bend.

The groundsman has to earn his pay

On the marsh at the rugby end.


Sodden cattle, steaming, huddle

Beneath the hedge’s lee.

The tennis court’s a giant puddle

The lawn’s an inland sea.


The Beacon’s drably clothed in mist,

Whispering windows weep.

Children’s faces damply kissed,

The dog is drowned in sleep.