Weddings Special; The Journey Of A Lifetime

Weddings Special; The Journey Of A Lifetime

For most couples there is a fair bit of traveling to be done on their wedding day, and generally that means splashing out on something special. After all, this is your Big Day and luxury is an absolute must! Old or new, big or small, wheels or wings, the choice really is yours. But what if you are looking for a wow-factor with a little difference, something even more memorable than the usual? There is a world of alternative travel options out there, many of which go down the ever-popular vintage route.

So steady those nerves, take your companion’s arm and let’s get you to the church on time.

The Romance Of Steam

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 15.25.03There has always been something romantic, and even exotic, about traveling by rail. The adventure, the glamour, the close quarters…Whatever it is, arriving at your wedding destination or even holding your reception on board an old fashioned steam train is a magical way to start your married life together.

Just imagine alighting on the platform into the arms of your waiting groom, or supping champagne together in a sumptuous carriage while the world gently slides past your window. With their majestic and powerful sweeping lines, steam trains provide a beautiful backdrop for a wedding photo shoot as well. Or for those who desire a longer adventure, why not travel further afield and go on a crosscountry journey, perhaps even combining with your honeymoon. Whether home or away, what could be more romantic than chuffing across the countryside in elegant style and glamour? A ticket for two please!

Hail Me A Bus

BusRestored to their former glory, many vintage busses are now enjoying second lives as iconic wedding transport. Practical and traditional, one of the best things about hiring a bus for your wedding day is keeping everybody together. None of your guests have to think about parking, taxis or designated drivers and the celebrations flow seamlessly from one destination to the next. With options of having a uniformed bus conductor, often with an original ticket machine, classic white ribbons adorning the front of the bus and a bespoke destination blind, which you may even be able to take with you as a lasting memento, this is a unique and original choice for your wedding transport.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 15.32.07

shutterstock_201013532Heading further down the vintage (farm) track, the beauty of an old tractor has not escaped the notice of some savvy couples. Not classically thought of as wedding worthy transport, tractors do in fact evoke a pretty, natural feeling of countryside courting, cornfields at sunset, even rolling in hay bales! With the popularity of farm and festival style weddings nowadays, this is a very practical travel solution as well. The whole bridal party can travel on a trailer, saving their feet (and shoes) across the fields. And decoration options are plenty; string bunting around the sides, have the party sit on cushion-covered straw bales and don’t just keep the flowers to your hair and bouquet, scatter loosely around the whole trailer.

This travel choice would be well suited to a rustic country style wedding, although it would certainly make a statement rolling through town on a tractor. Similar to this is the classic pony and trap, a more popular option but still retaining it’s unique appeal. Perfect for spring or summer weddings, this is wonderful for showing off a beautiful full gown and handsome groom.


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 15.44.52Any wedding travel with its own song must be a winner! This may not be the most reliable solution in our English weather (have a back-up plan ready), but you will certainly look very sweet cycling up to your wedding celebrations, or indeed away from them. There is even a handy wicker basket to pop your bouquet into. So grab your newly betrothed, hop on a tandem and show your guests just how in sync you really are. Ideal for the carefree  bride, just imagine hair and veil flowing out behind as you pedal off into the sunset, oh how romantic!

For extra va-va-voom, why not use two wheels with a little more power? The glamour of a vintage motorcycle is undisputable, and perfect for the bride with a wild side. Keep it elegant by riding in a sidecar, and style it up with a red lip and leather jacket for the ultimate biker chic.

Love is in Air

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 15.44.39If none of the above is exciting enough, then maybe you need more of an adrenaline rush; skydiving! This is definitely one for the extreme bride and groom out there, who need that extra boost before exchanging their vows. Early morning jumps are available to fit in with your day (weather depending), or you could make a feature of it and have your guests watch your descent. It’s best to get in touch with your local drop zone and see what they can offer. P.S. You might not be able to jump in a wedding dress!

An equally memorable but more relaxing journey to start your Big Day would be a hot air balloon ride. As you drift over the country ahead of your nuptials, relish in the bliss of having a moment together before the whirlwind of the day commences. And in years to come this serene moment will be a lifting memory of your whole day.

Whatever your journey, make sure you feel fabulous and arrive in unforgettable style.