A weight off your mind

A weight off your mind

shutterstock_88206976Becky Wells, health and wellness professional is proud to present ‘A Weight Off Your Mind’ 2013.

Fed up with feeling overweight?

Tired of yo-yo dieting?

Do you want to take back control of your weight loss?

Then this is the talk for you. They say that you get what you focus on so lets focus on you losing weight. Lose weight and keep it off, learn to break bad habits, meet local PTs in the area, learn good eating habits, change the way you look at food and take back control.

What will the interactive talk include?

How your fears can take you in the wrong direction

·      Is your subconscious mind on board with your conscious thinking mind or hanging off the back for grim life

The power of belief

·      I don’t mean which religion you belong to but how using empowering beliefs can help take your dreams into a reality

The same size doesn’t fit all

·      We are bombarded with diet plans, training advice and tips and if we had to wear them all we probably be ten feet wide. Learn how to take the best items for you to make your perfect outfit.

Taking back control of your memories

·      Sometimes our memory filters get clogged up with negative images, pictures and sounds.  Let me show you how to keep the best memories and discard unwanted ones

Using all these skills to help you reach your goal weight, take ‘a weight off your mind’ and take back your control.

Becky will be running a FREE group hypnotherapy weight loss session after the show worth £40


£15 ( £12 CONSESSIONS)

Tickets are available from the Chequer Mead Arts Centre box office. 01342 302000, email- tickets@chequermead.org.uk or by contacting Becky Wells, directly at becky@beckywells.com 07801941949